Bedroom Built-in Cupboards

Our custom made bedroom built-in cupboards are designed around your bedroom space and your requirements.

Bedroom built-in cupboards design and installation

During the quoting process exact measurements are taken of the existing space. If it is a new house or you are renovating, the building plans are used as a reference for the layout and measurements. Your cupboard space requirements drive the internal design of the cupboards. Hanging space and shelf space is incorporated into the design as per your requirements. Space optimisation forms part of a standard bedroom cupboard design. Only top quality hinges and sliders are used for doors and drawers.

The doors and door handles are of course the features that need to complement your bedroom flooring, curtains and furniture. A multitude of choices for cupboard doors are of course available. We will make suggestions to help you narrow down your options. The final choice of solid wood or laminate finish is you honour. You will view samples of all wood and laminate finishes to aid your choice. You also decide on cupboard door and drawer handles to round off the design.

The building of the bedroom cupboards are done off-site. Fitting and installation is then done by appointment with you. If it is a new home or you are doing renovations, the schedules of other contractors are taken into account. This ensures that the cupboards are fitted once when the risk of damage by other work is minimal.

You are left with bedroom built-in cupboards that are space optimised, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Visit our built-in cupboards bedroom gallery for examples of what is possible.

Bedroom Built-in Cupboards
Bedroom Built-in Cupboards